Get Involved

The downloadable, .pdf Membership/Directory form AND the Volunteer Interest Forms are located at the bottom of this page.

Research proves that parent involvement has a positive effect on student success. When parents are involved in their children's education, they achieve more. Schools perform better. Teacher morale even improves. Ultimately, communities are stronger when parents get involved.

  • Respond to school surveys regarding your interests, talents, and skills.

  • Respond to school surveys/questionnaires on the effectiveness of volunteer programs.

  • Let school staff know your availability to volunteer (days, times, and how often).
  • Coordinate and participate in evening and weekend volunteer activities at school.

  • Assist your child’s teacher in the classroom or on field trips when you are able.

  • Help develop and distribute a volunteer directory to parents, school staff, and teachers.
  • Work with school staff and teachers to develop volunteer activities you can do from home.

  • Assist school staff and educators in creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for parents.

  • Volunteer your consulting services in your areas of expertise to school staff or educators.
  • Help provide child care and/or transportation for volunteering parents.

  • Collaborate to develop creative ways to use volunteers at school.
  • Work with others to develop volunteer job descriptions and evaluations.

  • Assist school staff in recruiting parents and community members as volunteers.
  • Attend training and orientation on how to be an effective volunteer.

  • Learn and uphold school discipline, confidentiality, and other policies as a volunteer.
  • Set a time to talk regularly with school staff and educators with whom you are working.

  • Participate in organizing and planning ways to recognize and appreciate volunteers.

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